Codaray Construction Wins on Safety

A grey and orange icon of a seal of quality reading SAFETY FIRST.

JACKSON, MS (October 12, 2021) – Codaray won two safety awards at the ABC Mississippi Safety Awards.  ABC Mississippi recognizes member companies that promote safety through the annual Safety Awards Program.  In addition to the chapter awards, ABC Mississippi supports and promotes the ABC National STEP Safety Awards Program. 

Codaray Construction, as recipient of the Gold Level of Safety Awards, won the highest level of commendation. The program is designed as an excellent template to measure safety effectiveness and we encourage all members to participate. ABC Mississippi members submit applications and documentation to be judged to receive various levels of awards in safety. The entries are carefully judged against specific safety criteria by the ABC Mississippi Safety Committee.

The second award Codaray received is the Platinum Level STEP Award. Established in 1989, the Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) serves as a valuable tool for ABC members to consistently build upon their safety training programs and gain recognition for their outstanding efforts. Applications are submitted online to ABC National to compete for the STEP awards. 

“Safety is of the utmost importance in everything Codaray does.” Explained Matt Pace, President, Codaray Construction.  “We create safe environments for our employees, subcontractors, and the staff that takes possession of the finished facility. Codaray builds peace of mind, and to do that we must keep safety as our highest priority.”